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Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Smart Phone, Tablet, etc.

$70.00 per hour

Take your music and video library with you!  Have us set up your new Smart Phone, Virtual Reality headset or Tablet on your PC

Explore the exciting new world of Virtual, and Augmented  Reality!

The service includes a tutorial on how to:

Use your device

Transfer music, video, and data to your PC and Smart Phone

A working high-speed internet connection is required

Hardware is not included

Peripheral Setup of Printer, Digital Sender, Scanner, Digital Camera, etc.  $70.00

Need help connecting something to your computer or network? This service is the quick and painless way to install your printer, digital sender, scanner, camera, or digital device correctly.

Install 1 electronic device, such as a Wireless Access Point, Print Server, Wireless Repeater, Smart TV, game console, etc. on your home or business network

Hardware is not included

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