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Having your computer repaired isn’t fun. At Certified Computer Systems, we realize that you just want to get on with your work and your life. We maintain a large inventory of parts that allow us to repair your computers and peripherals very quickly. Usually in a matter of hours!

Diagnostic Estimate  $70.00

Get to the bottom of the problems plaguing your computer with this diagnostic service

We will test all software and hardware on your computer

Diagnose and explain any problems

Provide an estimate for repair so that you can make an informed decision regarding your next step

The diagnostic fee is waived if you decide to have us complete the repairs


Remote (Virtual) IT Computer Support  $70.00/ Hour

  Need help right away?, Can’t travel to us? Not accepting visitors?

 Get remote support now!

Call us to set up a secure remote session so that we can quickly and securely access your computer to diagnose the problem and get you going again!


Computer Checkup  $70.00

Make sure that you are getting the most from your computer with this checkup service

  We will make sure everything is in working order

Remove any unnecessary programs to improve your PC's performance

Make sure all OS updates, software fixes, and security enhancements are up to date


Virus & Malware / Spyware Removal $140.00

Make sure your computer is ready for action with this diagnostic and repair service

  We will uncover and solve any operating system issues

Remove viruses and malware/spyware

Improve PC performance with our included CCS Performance Optimization which includes startup and shutdown optimization, menu navigation improvement, quick launch, and taskbar cleanup and program shortcut creation

Included is personalized training on how to avoid getting viruses and malware/spyware on your system ever again!


Laptop Screen Replacement $175.00+

Please call for a quote


Laptop Keyboard  Replacement $90.00+

Please call for a quote


Laptop Battery Replacement  $70.00+

Please call for a quote

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